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Design/BuildExcellence Recognized

Over the years, we have been fortunate to receive recognition for our work from a variety of sources including periodic articles featuring our furniture and cabinetry, success in the competitive environment of juried shows, and a blue ribbon at a state fair. Two of the acknowledgements we have received are of special significance to us, and our clients, because they reflect directly upon the way we have developed the work of our shop.

In 1999, The Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects awarded "Society Honors" to Jaeger & Ernst cabinetmakers, "for outstanding design and superior craftsmanship, exemplified in cabinetry, furniture and special millwork over the past 25 years." It is particularly gratifying to be acknowledged by those who design the homes where so much of our work resides.

During the years we have been pursuing our craft, Taunton Press has become the foremost publisher of woodworking literature, leading with their flagship publication, Fine Woodworking magazine. Every two years, the editors hold a competition for outstanding designs in wood. A single edition may receive as many as 10,000 entries. Winning designs are published in Taunton’s Design Book series, an extraordinary collection of furniture, turnings and accessories.

The work of Jaeger & Ernst cabinetmakers has been chosen for publication in three of the last four publications, Design Book IV, Design Book VI, and Design Book VII. In Design Book Vll, we received the unusual distinction of having had three works selected for insightful design and masterful execution, in a single edition.

Jaeger & Ernst are active members of the Association of Virginia Artisans and The Furniture Society. Our associations with the burgeoning community of American artisans, supports our creative interests and broadens our creative horizons.


From Concept Illustrations To Detailed Shop Drawings...
FOR THE PROSPECTIVE CLIENT... paging through our portfolio galleries of the work, it is only natural to associate Jaeger & Ernst with the beautiful furniture, cabinetry, and interiors we create. Our professional colleagues, and those who have worked with us before, also see behind the end product, to recognize the creative effort and careful planning that we bring to each project, as preparation for the meticulous craftsmanship.

We produce extensive drawings… concept drawings, to help explore stylistic and functional options… detailed, shop drawings, so everyone involved can see exactly how each cabinet feature will look and serve the finished room.

We work on projects of all sizes. We work directly with homeowners, and in collaboration with architects, general contractors, and interior designers. "Our designs are artifacts of the makers' lives." We contribute our years of woodworking design experience to the group effort that produces interior spaces ideally suited to the homes and lives of our clients. We encourage prospective clients and building professionals to include us in the earliest phases of a project’s development.
FOR THE ARCHITECT... who has developed the large-scale concept of the home, we support the house plans with detailed, working drawings, assuring the seamless integration of cabinetry and interior features with their architectural spaces.

The result is cabinetry and millwork so impeccably appropriate to the overarching aesthetic of the house that it appears to have evolved naturally, in place, from their original designs.

FOR THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR... charged with efficient, timely structural production… our drawings and close communication support the construction crew and related sub-contractors in the site-preparations for all of the cabinetry.

The planning behind our working drawings helps to avoid costly “issues” and delays, and to assure thoroughly satisfied homeowners. No more re-locating the light switches… again.

FOR THE INTERIOR DESIGNER... coordinating the home’s aesthetic sensibilities and expanding the stylistic themes throughout the interior space, we contribute the creative design support that produces furniture-quality, built-in features and finely crafted furnishings. Our custom kitchens and home office-libraries often draw requests for a special dining table or an individualized desk.


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