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Dreams Fulfilled Upon Request

and now, a few words from our sponsors...
"Our Great Room is Beautiful !! So many compliments...your artistry and craftsmanship are magnificient !! Thank you for sharing your talents."

- Cindy W.
"From the massive posts and curved beam, to the most meticulously fitted tenon, you achieved the warmth we sought, plus a unique personality and charm we never thought possible. This was the work not just of master artisans, but of artists."

- Harvey W.
"WOW!!! It looks great!"

- Stephen A.
"I told the owners how unusual it is to find someone who does what you do... the work on the office was wonderful... I really appreciate the heart and soul you put into your work."

- Bethany C.
"Thank you for taking the time to design just what we wanted. You were so patient and really listened to our wishes."

- Margaret G.
"...you and your cabinetmakers have been a joy to work with and we have especially enjoyed getting to know you."

- Leslie D.
"Now, after almost a year of living here, we appreciate even more the craftsmanship of your team. From the stunning bar to the intricate roses in A.C.’s bedroom armoires – we love it as much today, and will for years to come."

- Carrie M.
"...from the beginning to the end, we have been nothing but delighted with every aspect of this endeavor. The professionalism and attention to detail has been superb. We simply are amazed at how much larger the room seems by design!"

- Lonnie G.
"We have retained Jaeger & Ernst for a number of projects in recent years, ranging from the reproduction of a mahogany dining table to a recent complete renovation of our kitchen and adjoining den... demonstrates Jaeger & Ernst’s sensitivity to client’s needs. In refining his designs, he took these preferences into account and also ensured that the finished rooms would not only compliment but enhance, the arts and crafts features of our home."

- James D.
"We were convinced that Jaeger & Ernst would deliver the quality and professionalism that we expected... it is clear you employ only accomplished tradesman and they are truly a delight to work with."

- Peter W.
"The craftsmanship of the kitchen and related pieces (server, kitchen table and chairs), as well as the television cabinet and end tables for the den, is uniformly superb. Jaeger & Ernst pays as much attention to the smallest detail, such as cabinet handles and hardware, as they do the design and construction."

- Michael D.
"I love this idea!!! I really wanted to have full vertical glass, but Steve talked me out of it, as he didn't want to sit without glass in the cabinet, until I got around to designing a new stained glass panel. With the top panels being made of removable wood panels---fabulous idea----you did good Walter!!! Proceed with the cabinet."

- Laurel A.
"This is just beautiful and exquisite. It is so velvety soft and fluid and perfectly crafted. Just amazing precision with what I imagine were not easy details. The balls certainly found their place in this design, and the curved drawer unit took my breath away! The tapered stile detail is very effective in moving the cabinets out of the box..."

- Bethany P., Architect
"Thank you. We are so pleased you are the person designing and completing the piece."

- Patricia T.
"...your company has a phenomenal product, passion, work ethic, and vision. Your attention to customer wishes, comments, and service needs, can’t be beat..."

- Rosemary F.
"Just a note, to say thank you again, for the beautiful design. Everything seems perfect."

- Katrina T.
The bookcase is lovely and has everyone in awe. Thank you for the extra care in design and execution.

- Kimberley F.
You completely accomplished what Mason and I were trying to achieve... we have received numerous compliments, particularly about the kitchen.

- Richard F.
What a joy... to expect the best, then, to have that expectation fulfilled and rewarded! The library has become our favorite room. Thank you!

- Hans N.
...our sincere thanks to you and the staff of Jaeger & Ernst for our new kitchen. The workmanship and quality of your cabinetmakers far exceeded our expectations.

- Patricia B.
Your artistry and your friendship have combined to a wonderful year for us. The kitchen and the furniture dividers have transformed this house from cold and winter-esting to warm, inviting and wonderful.

- Leslie W.
...these cabinetmakers are great assets to your company and I would be happy to recommend them and their workmanship to anyone.

- Carole K.
...regarding cabinetry built in my new home a couple of years ago... The quality can not be matched... the cabinetmakers are extremely reliable, and given the work they do, are quite reasonable.

- William F.
The Stickley style Vanity and Paneling for the powder room look great. The coffee table is fantastic too.

- Laurel and Steve A.
The kitchen is beautiful... in fact, masterful!

- Linda Z.
We have been completely satisfied... A photograph would hardly do your work justice...

- T.A.
Our collection of Jaeger& Ernst furniture provides enormous satisfaction and pleasure.

- Claude D.
“I love the design of the assorted trims, the stair opening and, of course, the kitchen. They are exactly what that house needs...
I asked you to design a small, affordable kitchen around those three survivor doors, and you did, in true Ohr-iginal style. (George Ohr, potter, Biloxi, Ms, early 1900's)
Thank you, Jaeger & Ernst.

- Kathleen B.
Beautiful!! These look fantastic!!

- Pete Z.
... the "wall o’ boxes," of course, looks awesome... Beautifully built, Jaeger & Ernst pieces!

- Christina D., Interior Design
...the dressing room looks wonderful - well - everything you made looks incredible.

- Thanks, B.
Thank you - you make me smile... The G.s just love you, by the way - you were a perfect fit for this job.

- Bethany P., Architect


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