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Custom Functional Sculpture

Free-standing or built-in, traditional or contemporary, the finest custom-built furniture is best understood as functional, three-dimensional art… sculpture of elegant utility.

Each piece has personality of its own, as individual as the clients for whom it was created. Warm and inviting, graceful and enchanting, bold and substantial, or stately and elegant, each piece is conceived to serve a particular purpose, and to do so with a particular style.

If you are the homeowner who appreciates living each day surrounded by beautiful forms that function to simplify and enhance our lives, ours is the custom shop to design and build those pieces that enchant as well as they serve.

One design may draw its charm from a simplicity of line in harmony with its clarity of purpose. Another may capture gracious elegance through exquisite detail and enchanting surface treatment.

All will reflect the intuitively creative eye and master craftsmanship that are the hallmark of the cabinetmaker’s art.

Try Standing Here
Beautiful custom furniture stands in a room as though it were intentionally destined to fill that one, specific space. Every piece of the fine furniture we design and custom build is created to have exactly that kind of presence.

Occasional pieces, exquisitely proportioned to share a room with other furniture… or major pieces, conceived as the central focal element of a room… each of our designs contributes captivating wood patterns, finely finished surfaces, and elegantly artful lines to the space it shares.

Master craftsmanship imparts a quality of character to our custom designs that you will recognize each day our furniture graces the rooms of your home.
The Quest
Once you weary of searching for just the right piece, just the right size, just the right style, just the right textures, colors, and details, for just the right purpose, in just the right space, let us custom design and build it… for just the right person and just the right home.


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