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Custom Special Spaces

Whether expanding upon the vision of an architect, collaborating with an interior designer, or brainstorming with an individual client, we are listening carefully to the voices behind the project… and to the house, itself. Whether existing or new construction, a home has a lot to say about the direction our designs will follow.

Classical residences and historical restorations point us unerringly down well-paved aesthetic avenues, speaking precise language we have come to respect.

Victorian homes, and those of the Arts and Crafts movement, express design directions in distinctly stylized phrases. Mid-century homes freely invite variations along less formal stylistic pathways, and hint openly of wide-ranging references in their forms and details. Then there are homes that beckon us to interiors yet unseen, if we can but imagine them, just beyond the design horizon.

Our compass, always, is years of experience with the elements of scale, proportion, and line exhibited in great design from all stylistic traditions. The destination is interior spaces so well conceived, meticulously fitted, and thoroughly appropriate that they feel as though they were always part of your home.

Engaging Interiors
Our specialty is custom woodwork, designed to create rich, inviting interior spaces. The furnishings we design and build are expressions of the values we hold and share with our clients.

A family room is more than a space to house stereo equipment and a television. A library or study is more than a space to shelve books and maintain household records.

These are the spaces where we live our personal lives. As such, they need to express as much character, as purpose, and provide as much comfort, as convenience.

Invite our years of custom design and master woodworking experience into your home.
The Room As Furniture
People see rooms as spaces to be furnished, and we build the fine furniture to adorn them.

Jaeger & Ernst can also envision the entire room as one piece of fine furniture.

When tables and chairs, mantles and window seats, cabinets and trim, are conceived and crafted as one complete room, the results are unimaginable… unless, of course, you have the concept illustrations, detailed floor plans, and extensive working drawings that we always produce for such projects.


Custom Interiors in

Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

and more areas on the East Coast and across the USA