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About J & E

Jaeger & Ernst represents the finest tradition of the American cabinetmaker…that of the craftsman as both designer and maker.


 Jaeger & Ernst is one of very few, truly custom, design/build cabinetry and furniture shops. We refer to ourselves as “Cabinetmakers,” the traditional title for master craftsmen who design and fabricate home furnishings of fine wood. The designation speaks directly from an era before “custom” became an advertizing claim, indiscriminately applied to all manner of mass-produced woodwork.

Each piece or entire room we build is individually designed for one homeowner’s particular space, individual stylistic preference, and personal functional requirements. Each cabinet in a wall of cabinets is individually designed to serve a particular function, while building upon the rhythms and orchestrated proportions of the entire wall. That wall coordinates with, and expands upon the themes of the entire room.

We work closely with individual clients and/or other design professionals, to custom build the ideal cabinetry or furniture for each home we are invited into. We can precisely execute detailed designs by others, or tease a truly exceptional room out of a sketch on a dinner napkin.

We work in new construction, additions, renovations, and historic restorations. We’ve enjoyed contributing our skills and woodwork to expansive estate homes, log cabins, and brick ranchers. We get excited about snug bungalows and ornate Victorians, as well as suburban homes and ski chalets. Thirty-plus years experience, from beach homes to urban row houses, confirms our belief that every size and style of home offers exciting opportunities for creative woodworking design.

Great cabinetmaking design is as emotional as it is technical. It wells from the passion we feel for the materials and the process. It manifests itself in the work, and is shared with those who eventually live surrounded by the results.

One of our most rewarding moments is when a client catches the excitement of a design. We see it happen… a little smile, and the realization, "Oh, this is really going to be something special!" We want that same smile to unexpectedly tweak the corners of our clients' faces when they glance into the room, for years to come.


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